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In recent years, Internet Marketing has taken over the conventional methods of marketing. SEO, SEM, social marketing… Just the thought of it can make you exhausted. Now this is where we come in. With nearly two decades of online experience, we can help you harness the power of the internet, so that it is simple to understand, and most importantly, utilising it as a sales generating machine!

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We have worked with dozens of companies. Although they may say they want social media, websites or even SEO, ultimately we know that what they want is more leads! As an seasoned Singapore lead generation company that can help you engage your customers with solutions that are relevant and results driven, we achieve these goals by creating customised campaigns using both basic and advanced tactics to drive traffic to your website, which in turn will generate leads and sales. Our experience in this area spans from launching national response-driven websites to creating local internet campaigns for Singapore businesses. With our diverse skills and extensive experience, we can ensure an internet marketing strategy that delivers results.

At Khai Chan Services, we combine critical online marketing services: best-of-breed online media buying, search engine marketing (PPC and SEO), creative services, website design and online tracking technology – with the strategy, analysis and constant care of traditional marketing. It is this unified combination of skills and technology that allows our customers to prosper today. Minimising cost per lead and cost per sale are the main components of our lead generation programs. Ultimately, a low cost lead is only good if it is converted into a sale. We will work closely with your team to create a marketing strategy that resonates with your ideal customer profile while speaking to your buyer’s persona. Based on this, we’ll help you create highly sought out content that your prospects love. Developing proven nurturing campaigns to drive better pipeline conversions through lead scoring is our specialty.

Point to note is that it is more profitable to pay for leads, not ads or meaningless click-throughs! As such, we utilize a proprietary platform that allows us to distribute internet advertising campaigns to tens of thousands of internet advertising sellers, locally or nationally, that target your vertical markets. That said, Google Adwords campaigns on the other hand, although complex and tedious at times, can still be powerful if done correctly. We have perfected the process of Adwords campaign development and monitoring to deliver much higher than average ROI, as compared to traditional marketing. Although we prefer pay-per-lead marketing, we may recommend an Adwords campaign to gain market insight, promote a special offer or gain traffic. Call us now for a no-obligation proposal.

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