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We have wide experience designing and implementing comprehensive and large search engine optimization campaigns for local based companies in Singapore and overseas clients. We have been optimising websites for search engines, such as Google, since 2010. Although many of our clients have top rankings for fairly competitive search terms, we do not stop there. Besides assuring our clients that they will attain top search engine rank for their required targeted search terms, we also measure our success based on the overall picture of increased rankings, which in turn, leads to more traffic, leads, conversions, and ultimately, sales!

1. Site Analysis

The first thing we work on is to check whether Google Analytics has been set up on your site. Although it may have already been installed on your site, our focus is to ensure that it’s able to track everything possible, including details such as conversion goals, call to action and traffic from sources such as Google Adwords, Google +, Twitter and Facebook. It is critical that we get this set up first so as to establish some baseline data to enable us to perform an in-depth technical analysis of your current site architecture and deliver a detailed report with our findings and recommendations. We also check for hosting issues, duplicate content, canonicalisation issues, improper use of robots.txt and/or meta robots, URL structure, site architecture, internal linking, outbound linking and more.

2. Keyword Research

We make use of various marketing research tools to identify the most searched terms inside your industry. Although it’s good to target a wide range of keywords, we prefer to narrow them down and choose the most effective ones capable of driving targeted visitors for your website. Having said that, we think it’s only fair for you to know that the keyword list we develop in the intital phases continues to evolve with time. This allows us to remain true to our main objectives; bringing in visitors to your website through ongoing optimization of these ever-changing list of key phrases as a result of your dynamic business goals.

3. On-Site Optimization

Prior to building links, we browse through every page on your site and suggest several tweaks to your site architecture, including programming, title tags, meta description, heading tags, body text, footer structure, URL structure, internal linking (very important step but always overlooked by most webmasters), sitemaps, robots.txt file, redirects, and many more. Our goal would be to ensure you have relevant pages on the site with plenty content to be perfectly targeted to the keywords we identified within the keyword research stage. Here’s a good example of this.

4. Link Building

Having a perfectly optimized site will only get you so far. To get top rankings, you need inbound links from relevant, quality, authority sites. We perform extensive link prospecting and competitive analysis to identify your best link opportunities, then we devise strategies for acquiring links from those websites. We’re not interested in only getting you the same links your competitors have. We look for the unique link opportunities that your competitors can’t get.

5. Ongoing Optimization

Effective search engine optimisation requires ongoing maintenance. Search algorithms will change, your business will change, you will continually add new content, and your competitors will get more links. We form long-term partnerships with our SEO clients and help them to continually to improve their rankings, traffic, lead generation and conversions, month after month. During the ongoing optimization phase we work with you on content development, continued link prospecting and acquisition, continued keyword research and on-site recommendations, social media consulting, and conversion rate optimization.

5. Reporting

Our detailed reporting keeps you up to date with the progress of your campaign and keeps us accountable and focused on results. Improved rankings and traffic are not worth anything if they don’t convert into more sales. Each month we will send you a detailed report with the following:

  • Total traffic to the site compared against the previous month, broken down into direct traffic, traffic from search engines, and traffic from referring websites.
  • Total amount of e-commerce revenue compared to the previous month (if applicable.)
  • Total number of goal conversions on your website compared to the previous month.
  • Top landing pages of the site compared to the previous month.
  • Top non-branded key phrases bringing in traffic to the site compared to the previous month.
  • Google ranking positions for the top keyword phrases being targeted.
  • Google ranking positions for terms that we are ranking well for, but were unaware of (long tail terms identified through Google Analytics).
  • Google Local ranking positions.
  • A breakdown of the activities we focused our work on for the month.

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