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As a leading web design company in Singapore, making great websites is our bread & butter. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done and learn all about how we did it.

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Why Choose Us As Your Web Design Company?

First and foremost, we realise how important first impression impacts a potential customer to stick around your website further or click the ‘X’ on the Firefox tab. A feeling of attraction has to be built between you and your customers. Thus, it is very crucial to have a professionally design website which will reflect the proper image of your company. Any normal website can bring in visitors but a beautifully designed one will convert them leads into customers. We transform your existing ideas into reality with the best web design practice.

Website design is our passion. Collectively, we have more than 20 years of experience in designing & developing websites, be it using advanced table-less HTML code or simple premium WordPress themes. Our expertise is in creating a functional, user-friendly site that entice customers. Normally, we draft a design and brand that encompasses your brand and marketing message while evoking the “holy cow!” factor. We can also create custom designs based on your content needs. Usability and problem solving are key factors in a successful website, more so with the increased weight put on mobile websites, and we use these proven techniques to guide your customers to the desired call-to-action while presenting a visually compelling web design.

Oh, did we mention that we also happen to love challenges? If you are starting from scratch, it’d be our pleasure to create a website from a blank slate. It all begins with producing a logo and design identity. A spectacular website and slick marketing materials mean nothing without a awesome identifiable logo. Defining a style for your brand takes work and requires a web design company like Khai Chan Services to digest the aspects of your business. We start so by learning every single detail about you and your company – your goals and values – to help us determine the best image for your venture. From there on, everything else falls into place progressively.

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