Website Development Process

An Overview of Our Web Development Process

We’ve been building websites long enough to figure out the best way to approach new projects. We work through a detailed process to ensure that every website we build is intuitively organized, beautifully designed, and perfectly programmed.

1. Content Analysis and Site Structure For new sites, we work with you to determine your sitemap, then we develop a site structure and navigation system to make sure your users can intuitively find what they’re looking for. For site redesigns, we do the same, but take a detailed inventory of your existing site content first.

2. Design We need to make sure your business looks amazing, your messages are being properly conveyed, and your goals are being met. To ensure that our site design exceeds your expectations, we go through the following design process:

Phase 1 – Research and Investigation

  • We send you a design questionnaire to get a full understanding of your desired look and feel.
  • We complete industry research to identify key sources of inspiration for the design.

Phase 2 – Design Development

  • A meeting will be held to discuss the design direction and clarify details to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and have all the information we need to create a first draft of the homepage.
  • After the meeting, we’ll send you some wireframes that illustrate the site layout we discussed.
  • Within approximately two weeks we will have a first draft designed and will send it to you for your review and feedback.

Phase 3 – Refinement and Expansion

  • All feedback from the first design draft will be incorporated and we will continue to refine the layout and colour scheme until everyone involved is happy with it.
  • After the homepage design has been approved, designs for the additional key landing pages will be completed. Each key landing page will also undergo the review, refinement, and approval process.

3. Front End Programming Once the design is approved, your website front end will be programmed in standards compliant XHTML/CSS. This will allow you to see functional button rollovers, sliding image galleries, etc. We ensure that your new site looks perfect in the widest cross section of browsers possible by following best practices and staying true to web standards.

4. Content Management System Development Next, we build you a super clean and easy to use content management system (CMS). Key word: “build”. We recognize that every client has different needs, so we custom build your CMS to meet those needs. It will have all the features that you need to manage your site, and no extra junk that would make the system bloated and confusing. It’s pretty much the best CMS ever, because it’s your CMS, not just some cookie cutter system that we give to all our clients.

5. Training Once your CMS has been developed and thoroughly tested, we give you the option to have us come to your office and teach you how to use it, but, the vast majority of our clients decline this offer. Typically, we send them the link to their CMS, they start using it, and then they say “Wow, this is crazy easy and intuitive! I’ve got this. Let’s not bother with that training session.” Of course, we’re glad to get out of the house to meet with you if you’d like the in-person training. We need to get some sunlight sometime!

6. Content Population Using your slick new CMS, we can build out all the pages of your site for you, or, if you prefer, you can save some money and do this work yourself. This will give you the opportunity to take the CMS for a thorough test drive. Either way is just fine by us.

7. Launch and Support When the site is looking amazing and all the final details are in place (sitemap, custom 404 page, Google analytics integration, etc) we’ll launch it. Exciting times! Whether you’re using our web hosting, or have your own server, we’ll take care of everything needed to go live with your new site. We provide 90 days phone and email support after your site goes live. Can’t remember how to upload and link to a PDF? Give us a call! Don’t worry, we’re usually happy to help you out with the occasional question after the 90 day support period as well. We take care of our clients long after the final invoice has been paid.

8. Maintenance You’ll have an awesome CMS that lets you manage every aspect of your website, so, maintenance isn’t something you’ll need to pay us for. It’s likely that you may want to add new features to your site down the road though; a survey, an online store, paypal integration, a mailing list system, mobile friendly, anything! There are no requests we can’t handle. Custom web application development is totally our thing. Just get in touch when you need something new added, and we’ll get back to you promptly with a quote and timeline.

Too Many Words? Just read the biggest ones, and you’ll get the gist of it, or, you can just contact us and we’ll be happy to explain.

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